Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reaching Out On Higher Ground: An Outreach Climb

April 30 this year, a group of young philanthropists went up north to give out school supplies to the children of Lusod Elementary School in Benguet.  

Getting there is no joke as upon reaching Baguio the volunteer mountaineers faced a 6-hour assault to Mt.Pulag, and then 15 hours going down via Tawangan trail.  From Tawangan Village the group went on a 3-hour ride via rough road before finally reaching Lusod Elementary School.

These things they gave out weren't just donations, but gifts of knowledge to help the school in facilitating learning of the students.  These presents surely meant a lot to the kids and their future.  It's so inspiring how these young people prove that their generation isn't all about partying, having fun, and going on vacations to make the most out of their youth while it last. They also use their energy and love for outdoors to reach out to and help the communities which can be hardly reached by most outreach programs. These mountaineers are mostly from Take5Hikers and Singles for Christ.

Are you one of them who would go to great lengths to paint a smile on the face of a  kid living in a place far from convenience, really far from where you live? Mountaineers who are willing to join these outreach climbs may contact Erwin Claver at 0918 608 7191. You may also send donations - in the form of school and grocery supplies and/or cash. Their next outreach climb would be I ROCK: I Reach Out on Christmas for Kids. It's a pre-Christmas outreach climb happening on November 26, 2011 to send some love to the kids of Tawangan Elementary School in Kabayan, Benguet.  Would you like to send your love too? Click here for more details.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I ROCK: A Pre-Christmas Outreach Climb for Kids

I ROCK (I Reach Out on Christmas for Kids) is a pre-Christmas outreach climb to send some love to the kids of Tawangan Elementary School in Kabayan, Benguet.  These children are just some of those many kids in the country who trek a long and difficult path just to go to school.  You can send school supplies, toys, groceries, and cash as an early Christmas present to these children.  Volunteers willing to join the climb are most welcome.

Actual climb will happen on November 26, 2011.
For donations, you can drop a comment or send me an email at
To join the climb and for more details, click here to visit the event page. ♥

Friday, September 23, 2011

Where Wearing Slippers is a Luxury

Many of us have several pairs of shoes.  We take pride in them, take care of them, cherish them with all our hearts.  Wearing footwear is, of course, nothing but a normal thing to us everyday.  We worry about things we thought are the biggest problems in the world while we our comfortably being protected by our footwear and carry us wherever we need to go.  

But have you ever thought of those children who do not own even a single pair of the cheapest slippers?  They have to go trekking for hours and even cross a river just to go to school to attend a class for that day - barefoot.  Even wearing slippers is a luxury for them.  It is something they just cannot afford.  I was deeply concerned by a documentary by Howie Severino about people like these.

A pair of slippers may not mean anything to us.  It may be just something that we wear when we go to the bathroom, or do the laundry.  But a pair would go a long way for these people who are not as blessed as we are.  A pair of slippers will help them work for their family, or go to school in pursuit of their dreams.  It will help them go on with life with their feet not scratching the rough ground with every stride to make it through the day. A pair would mean a lot.

Do you want to send them some love and donate slippers?
You can email to find out how to send some. ♥