Sunday, November 17, 2013

Water for Life Project: Water for the Yolanda Victims

Just for now maybe you can skip a latte for your sticker for a case of water for them?

To those who want to give drinking water to Yolanda victims, a case of 500ml bottled water only costs Php 178 (supplier gave discount). We all know that drinking water is very scarce now in many affected areas. Water is so much needed now.

If you want to give water, you can deposit your donations to:
BPI ACCT #3206379877

Please inform James on the project's Facebook page if you wish to donate and if you have deposited already so your donations will be properly logged.

  • At least 2.5 L daily (for drinking and food preparation) is needed for a person’s survival. (Source: WHO Water, Sanitation, Hygiene & Health Unit, Switzerland)
  • Storm surges destroys water infrastructure and brings saltwater to aquifers, further fouling water supplies.
  • PHP 178 can purchase one (1) case of 500 ml bottled water (24 bottles per case) which can provide a family of 6’s drinking needs for a day
  • PHP 178 is only worth one Big Mac Meal.

So far...

First batch of water cases delivery at the Philippines Army Wellness Center

For more details and updates, please visit the Water For Life Project Facebook page.
Feel free to spread the word!

I’m not part of any N.G.O., nor the government. I’m just here to help out people who want to donate but is not sure how and where to, thus I’ve been channeling all efforts with my friends from the corporate world and the academe. 
- James

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