Wednesday, December 14, 2011

HAPAG-ASA: Pamaskong Salu-Salo para sa mga Bata

Christmas for Filipino families will not be complete without sharing a feast, no matter how meager or grand it may be.  Some are fortunate they get to celebrate it with an entire table filled with food, while some are contented to share what little they have on the table, and, sadly, others have none at all.

Every Christmas HAPAG-ASA: Pamaskong Salu-Salo para sa mga Bata is held at Village East in Cainta, Rizal where children are invited and gathered together to enjoy a Christmas party.  This year we'll have a chance again to share our blessings to 500 kids and their families.  A party will be put together  for the kids where they will share a hearty meal, and food gift bags will be given as presents for them to take home to share with their families.  This is the 11th year that this Christmas salu-salo will take place in this village.

This year's HAPAG-ASA will be held on Sunday, December 18, 2:00 PM at  Village East, Phase 1, Covered Court, in front of Holy Trinity Parish Church.

You can be part of this by pitching in canned goods to help fill up the gift  bags for the children and their families. These gift bags will contain 2 kilos of rice and canned goods which you might be willing to share. A little help from you would mean so much to these children, and will surely make their Christmas a merrier one.

If you would like to share your blessings, you may get in touch with the organizers:

Mae -  0917-8082238

Jonas - 0928-3160462

This initiative was started by the Vegamora family in 2004, and now has been a joint project by the family, their parish, and the Hapag-asa feeding program for years.

Gift bags will be packed on Friday, December. 16 at #14 Fiat St., Village East, Cainta, Rizal.

Christmas is never just about the food or the wassailing or the material grandness of it. It is always about love and sharing and hope.  Let's keep this true, and shower others with the blessings that each of us has been gifted with. ♥

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